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You can stop using drugs when you become addicted!

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Narconon Eslöv have had good results with getting addicts drug free and that afterwards get a good social life.



Increased interest in hallucinogenic drugs can be observed among teenagers in the past decade , both in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe . Ecstasy is classified as a drug and its use is illegal . Among the modern so-called " party drugs " include ecstasy

( MDMA) , phenethylamines , tryptamines and several other new hallucinogens . The drugs are also called "Internet Drugs , designer drugs , legal highs and smart drugs . " Ecstasy is so far the most common. Most substances can be classified as a substituted amphetamine derivatives.



Most anti-anxiety tablets can be found on the internet and are easy to obtain and they are highly dependent on the developer other.

All benzodiazepines have some abuse potential with the risk of addiction. Dependency means that the patient can not stop use because of withdrawal symptoms or psychological dependence . In Sweden it is estimated that 65 000 people have a drug addiction and that 315 000 have a hazardous drinking . Being dependent means that you feel a craving for the drug, that it is hard to control the use , that it is hard to stop using the drug and the development of withdrawal symptoms without it .

Drugs alter your personality and you can easily lose yourself.


Other drugs on internet.

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