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The interest among the youths for consumption of cannabis and cannabis -like substances has increased in recent years. Some of the cannabis -like drugs are semi-synthetic herbal preparations known as " Spice " ( spices). Various synthetic cannabinoids have been added to a mixture of several psychoactive Indian spices .


Spice can be mixed with tobacco and smoked usually via a pipe or cigarettes, but reports are also available on the intake by mouth or injection. The effects of synthetic cannabinoids are similar to cannabis but they often provide more hyperactivity and has major stimulant effect.


Shortly after the pleasant intoxication , negative symptoms occur following consumption of Spice. The negative symptomatology after ingestion of Spice is characterized by :

dry mouth







large pupils

memory disorders

elevated pulse

elevated blood pressure


Reports have come in recent years for more serious side effects such as acute renal failure , acute myocardial infarction and liver . Even occasional deaths and cases with severe neurological effects have been reported. In the cases of renal failure has substance XLR -11 was common.


The purchase of Spice is usually done via the internet on various national and international websites or abroad isk " head shops " . The delivery comes in the mail.


Spice has given rise to many serious poisonings that have been in need of intensive and some fatal cases have been described. Reports of acute renal failure and reports of acute myocardial infarction has been published .



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